Arisia 2018

Arisia 2018 Cosplay Showcase Photo

I had an amazing time at Arisia this past weekend. Even though I was only there for a single day, I got the chance to make two videos I’m very happy with for Nerd Caliber!

How Would You Beat Batman? – Arisia 2018 was a lot of fun to film, I got to walk around with Chris Doherty from “Quest for Screen Accuracy” and ask a bunch of cosplayers how they would beat Batman. There’s quite a few funny responses in the video, but my personal favorites are tied between the answer that Joker and Harley gave (I felt it was so very accurate to their characters) and the response Aquaman gave (because his buddy, Batman, was right next to him).

Arisia 2018 Cosplay Showcase was the most fun to edit but the most stressful to create. Filming had felt awkward at first, I didn’t have a lot of options of where I could shoot so it meant that every time I asked someone for a shot there would be a ton of people passing by. So I had a lot of people walking through my shots or stopping us to ask the cosplayer for a photo, which is totally not anyone’s fault or anything like that, but it definitely made the entire process a bit more stressful. Luckily the cosplayers I met were extremely kind and patient about the process, I’m very glad I could feature all of them in a video like this, and I really hope they enjoy it!

Behind the Seams with Lucky Grim Creative!

Behind the Seams

I’ve been having a great time working on Behind the Seams with Lucky Grim Creative and Nerd Caliber!

You can view all the episodes and more on the Nerd Caliber YouTube page, or follow the links below:

Episode 04: Reviewing Spider-Man Cosplay Suits and Fashion

Episode 4.3: Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Episode 4.5: The Anatomy of a Spider-Man Suit

Episode 05: Leather Mask Tutorial

Episode 06: History of Cosplay

I will try to keep an updated list on the new episodes here!

Patch Notes!

My gaming news articles are up on Nerd Caliber! I never thought I’d be writing articles, I’m horribly out of practice, but it makes me very excited to see people liking what I report. And I have to thank Rodney Brown who gave me a very generous amount of help with creating this series. He even made the awesome name for the series: “Patch Notes!”

I’m working twice as hard on every one, so please leave a comment on Nerd Caliber and let me know what you want to hear more about!

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C.A.P.E. 2017

CAPE was great this year! It was so awesome to meet so many amazing cosplayers and photographers. The panels were also very informative, the panelists were able to talk to the audience so easily! Look forward to when I finish editing the panels I filmed at this convention, I’ll be posting them as they go up!

You can find links to galleries photographers put together of the con at Nerd Caliber!

Caroline Belge Photography released this gallery up…

And FirstPerson Shooter released this gallery!